Update on School Closure

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As you probably know by now, Governor Wolf has announced that our schools will be closed for at least two more weeks.  The teachers and administrators of HIS Kids Christian School have been working together to plan the best way to serve students given the current, uncertain situation.

We want to keep the lines of communication open with you as best we can.  We are exploring ways to simplify getting assignments and suggested activities to your family. 

I believe our objective is not to provide a complete cyber school experience for our students.  We wish, however, to support them with stimulating materials to keep them academically focused for the coming weeks.

During these stressful-for-all times, we ask you to keep in touch with your child’s teachers and with me if you have any concerns.  We want to hear from you about how we can better meet your needs and expectations.

Faithfully in Christ,

Debora Dawson, Principal

HIS Kids Christian School